Sleek contemporary Swinger Sidewalk Sign commands attention.  

Swinger sidewalk signs are made from rustproof techno polymers with internal steel supports for durability and stability in rainy or windy conditions.

Comes with 4 no-slide rubber feet

  • Signs Sold Individually    
  • 42″ x 30″ two sided-sign – with 4 no slide rubber feet
  • 24″ x 36″ white sign face with sign letter tracks on both sides
  • Set of 314 – four inch plastic sign letters, numbers and symbols (black letters, red numbers) are included
  • Two – 9″ double-sided sign headers, SALE/Special (red) included
  • Set of 22 – 8 inch Jumbo sign numbers (includes %) (red) included–5920-24676/