Cricket Wireless Feather Flag

This Feather Flag has a vibrant colored background with bold graphics and text.
Made with UV treated lightweight polyester, it measures 2.5 ft x by 11.5 ft.
When installed on the flagpole (sold separately) it is nearly 15 ft tall.
The printing on our flags is dyed-thru so the message is visible from both sides
To use this flag you will also need to purchase the flag hardware.(see below)Product Description


To use this flag you will also need to purchase a flagpole and a flagpole holder.

Purchase a Flagpole HERE.

If you are going to install this flag into the dirt or a grassy area of your property, you will need a Ground-Spike flagpole holder.

Order a Ground-Spike HERE.

If you would like to use your fla on a hard surface such as a parking lot, or attach it to a fence or building, we have 9 other flagpole holders to choose from.

See and purchase our other flagpole mounting options